Presto Automatic Pressure Cooker Air Vent - 09911


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Item #:
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Presto Pressure Cookers or Canners
Application Type:
Presto Pressure Cookers or Canners
Package Quantity:
Use With:
Presto Pressure Cookers and Canners

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Brand Presto
Manufacturer Part Number 09911
Manufacturer Description PRESSURE CKR/CN AIR VENT
Country of Origin Code China
Use With Presto Pressure Cookers and Canners
Package Quantity 1
Application Type Presto Pressure Cookers or Canners
UPC 00075741099118
Application Presto Pressure Cookers or Canners

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Automatically vents or exhausts air and acts as a visual indication of pressure. Use this air vent on Presto cookers or canners . Fits Model No. 40, 60, 103, 403, 603, 703, 733, 803, 803B, 833, B301A, B301B, B302A, C301A, C301B, 40, 104, 46, 50, 60, 204, 404, 604, 704, 744, 804, 804B, A401, A403A, A403AD, A403AT, A414A, A405A, A407, A409, A410A, A411A, A412A, A415A, A413A, A416A, B401A, B401B, B403A, C401A, C401B, KE02A, PB01A, KE02AT, PB05A, PB07A, SC-35, S-60, 01/PCA4, 01/PCC4, 01/PCC4A, 01/PCD4, 01/PCC4D, 01/PCC4H, 01/PCD4H, 01/PCE4, 01/PCE4A, 01/PCE4H, 01/PCS4, 02/PCS4, 02/PCA4, 02/PCA4H, 40, 106, 206, 406, A601, 706, A603A, A617, A603AD, A614A, A603AT, A608, A618, A605A, A605B, A607, A621A, A609A, A610A, A620A, A611A, A619A, A612, A615, A622, A613, A616, A623, B601A, B602A, B604A, B604B, B604C, B605A, B606B, C601A, C603A, KE03A, PB02A, PB09A, KE03AT, PB06A, PB10A, PB08A, PB11A, S-66, 01/PCA6, 01/PCC6, 01/PCC6A, 01/PCC6AD, 01/PCC6D, 01/PCC6H, 01/PCC6HD, 01/PCE6, 01/PCE6A, 01/PCE6H, 01/PCS6, 02/PCS6, 02/PCA6, 02/PCA6H, and 02/PCE6H. Pressure canners: 7, 7S, 7AV, 14, 7B, CA16, 21, 21S, 21AV, 21B, CA21, 01/CA16H, CA16H, 01/CA21H, CA21H, 01/CAA12H, 01/CAA20H, 02/CAA12H, 02/CAA16H, and 02/CAA20H.

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